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A Quick Conversions Test

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A Quick Conversions Test
For Your Web Page.

Here’s a simple test to establish whether or not your own web pages are converting as well as they could be:

Step 1) Question Your Visitors' Expectations.

Peforming a Performing a Quick Conversions Test For Your Web PageThink about the expectations of your site’s visitors, when they land on your web page. What are they looking for, and/or expecting to see?

Be totally clear in your own mind what they want - if you’re not sure, check your web site analytics and see where your visitors are originating from, and which search terms are bringing them to your site.

Step 2) Check Your Web Page's Actions.

Look at your own web pages with fresh eyes, give yourself just 5 or 6 seconds and ask yourself (honestly) what the ‘single-most obvious action’ your page is suggesting they take. Clear on that? Does one immediately jump out at you, within those 5 seconds or so?

Step 3) Check For Correlation.

Ask yourself the following two questions:

i. Does the ‘single-most obvious action’ correlate directly with your visitor’s expectations/wants and/or needs which you identified in step 1, above?

ii. Is the ‘intended/desired action’ for your web page the most obvious one? Does it “pop” from the page - does it stand out from the other ‘noise’ surrounding it?

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The Test Results:

If your answers are NOT an unequivocal, resounding ‘Yes!’ to *both* of the questions above, then you are leaving conversions (and in all likelihood, revenue) on the table.

And for 99.9% of people doing this simple test right now, for nearly any web page on their site, this is the exact position. They’re not converting traffic as well as they could be.

The RemedyThe Remedy: A Quality, Free Button Creator

There are many, many ways to increase your web site’s conversion rates (I’ll write about some of these another time) but for now I want to focus on one, simple, quick fix that will definitely improve your conversions (and so, potentially your web site’s profitability).

Redesign your calls-to-action, so that they are clear, so that they stand out, and so that they directly correlate with the expectations of your  visitors.

Using ShoutDesigner (as you may already know if you’ve tried out the trial version) you can create great-looking buttons in minutes, but if you want to perfect your button design - to get the size, colors and text just perfect - then you’re going to want to grab a copy of the full version of ShoutDesigner for just $27.

The Business Case for ShoutDesigner:

Business case for shoutdesignerOnly $27 gets you a quality piece of software that, with a little experimentation, will almost certainly improve the conversion rates for your web site’s pages. So the question you need to ask yourself is “what’s an increase in web site conversion worth to me?”.

Well, that depends on what you’re selling, and your price-point, but imagine for a moment that you increase conversions by 10%.

What does that work out each month?

10% more sales.

These additional customers going on to give you 10% more repeat business.

Multiply that up to the full year. What sort of annual revenue increase might a 10% conversion rate boost bring?

More than $27?

ShoutDesigner is a no-brainerIf it is, then ordering a copy of the ShoutDesigner button creator should be a complete no-brainer. Especially when you remember you’ve got a full 30 days in which to try the theory out, and to check the results for yourself...

If you don’t see any improvement, you can simply request a refund up to 30 days from your purchase and we’ll deactivate your software and return 100% of your money. No questions asked.

There’s no risk to you at all.

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